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General information

The Island of Rab is well connected with the mainland by ferry and catamaran lines. The Lando Resort is located in Kampor, which is only 7 kilometers away from the town of Rab. Thanks to its geographical position in the north of the Adriatic, Rab is easily accessible by car from any part of Croatia ot Europe. Unfortunately, on the island of Rab, there are no airports, but you can book your car rental at any larger airport in Croatia for a reasonable price.

Zagreb – Rab

The distance from Zagreb to Rab is 220 km, and you can easily travel there by car or bus. If you are traveling by car, we recommend taking the road E71 to the exit Žuta Lokva. Follow D23 and E65 to the village of Stinica from where the ferry Stinica-Mišnjak departs for Barbat. The ferry ride takes 15 minutes, after which you need to continue on D105 for another 10 minutes. The total ride takes approximately 3 hours. If you are traveling by bus, we recommend the Autotrans bus service that operates 4 times a day on the line Zagreb-Rab.

Rijeka – Rab

The distance between Rijeka and Rab is 120 km. From Rijeka, you can reach Rab by car, bus, or catamaran. If you are traveling by car, we suggest that you travel across the island of Krk, where you can catch the ferry Valbiska-Lopar. Take the roads A7, D102, and D104 to Valbiska, from where the ferry to Rab departs. The ferry ride takes 80 minutes. When you arrive in Lopar, take D105 to Kampor. If you travel by bus, we suggest traveling with Autotrans, which runs twice a day. If you travel by catamaran, we suggest taking the Jadrolinija catamaran that operates from Rijeka to Rab daily. The baggage allowance is restricted, the transportation of animals is strictly prohibited, and the access for wheelchair users is limited.

Zadar – Rab

The distance between Zadar and Rab is 142 km. You can reach Rab by car or bus. If you decide to travel by car, we suggest taking the road E65/E71 to Stinica and then following D405 to Mišnjak-Stinica from where the ferry to Rab departs. When you arrive in Rab, you can quickly reach us by taking the D105 road. If you decide to travel by bus, several lines from Zadar to Rab run several times a day. You will arrive at your destination in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Ferries/catamarans to Rab

Ferry Stinica - Mišnjak

From Stinica, near the town of Senj, four ferries depart daily for Mišnjak on Rab. They leave every hour to two hours, and in summer they sail without a special sailing schedule. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes. This ferry line is the best choice to get you to the island of Rab from the mainland.

Ferry Valbiska (Krk) - Lopar (Rab)

The ferry line Valbiska-Lopar connects the island of Krk with the island of Rab. During the summer season, this ferry runs 4 times a day, and the ferry ride takes about 80 minutes.

Catamaran Rijeka - Rab - Pag

The high-speed connection Rijeka-Rab-Novalja sails several times a day during the season, and the price of the ride is approximately 60 kn per person.

The approximate distance in kilometers between Rab and some major cities in Croatia and Europe:

Zagreb-Rab: 220km

Rijeka-Rab: 120km

Zadar- Rab: 142km

Ljubljana-Rab: 240km

Vienna-Rab: 570km

Munich-Rab: 645km

Milan-Rab: 610km