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Rab Island

The Island of Rab is situated in a favorable geographical position in relation to both European and domestic tourist markets. Besides the homonymous ancient town, there are 7 other settlements on the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga, and Lopar.

Approximately 9,000 people live on the island, and there have been no negative trends in population size for many years. Most of the local population are employed in fishing, agriculture, boat-building, and tourism, which on the island has a long tradition that spans over 120 years.

The Mediterranean climate of the Island of Rab, characterized by pleasant summers and mild winters, is very suitable for the development of tourism. Rab has 91 clear days a year, which ranks it among the sunniest areas in Europe.

Known for its rolling terrain and irregular shore, Rab is dominated by hills, islets, fields, and an unevenly indented coastline. This means that the northern coastline of the island is regular, or very little indented. The part from Cape Kalifront to Cape Frkanj is considered to be its most interesting part, due to the many small bays that are perfect for swimming and relaxation.