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History of Rab Town

The town of Rab has a long history. The year 10 BC is mentioned in an ancient Roman document when it was proclaimed a municipality by the then Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, who gave it independence.

Shortly afterward, the city received the rare honorary epithet FELIX (happy), which attests that Rab was already a thriving, civilized town, providing amenities such as running water, baths, theatres, temples, a network of streets, and many more.

More than 17 centuries ago, Little Marin was born in Lopar. Growing up and turning into a mature young man, he learned the stonemason trade. In search of work, he traveled to the opposite side of the Adriatic, to the shores of the Apennine Peninsula near today's Rimini. With his diligence and zeal, he soon won the hearts of the local Christian community and served as a deacon under the local bishop Gaudiencio. Persecuted for preaching Christianity, he soon fled to the hard-to-reach hill of Titan and built a church there.

On these foundations, the present-day city of San Marino and the homonymous state were later built. St. Martin’s last remains are still preserved there.