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Rab Town

Saint Christopher Square, with its white stone bathed in the sun, greets you at the entrance to the Old Town of Rab. There is a fountain in the square with two sculptures, Kalifront and the shepherdess Draga, both characters from a legend about chastity and unrequited love.

The town is a typical medieval urban center, enclosed by walls that are in large part still standing. The old town is dominated by four bell towers, mainly in Romanesque style. Previously, Rab was a Roman settlement and was given the status of a town by the Emperor Octavian Augustus, who proclaimed it a municipality in the year 10 BC.

If you like old towns where every building was lived in by dozens of generations, you will feel at home in the town of Rab. Above many Renaissance and Gothic doorways stand the coats of arms of Rab's noble families, whose descendants are your kind hosts today.

Right next to the city walls is the beautiful Komrčar park, at the foot of which is a long promenade and bathing area. Enjoy a wonderful holiday in the shadows of the century-old pine trees, surrounded by pristine nature and azure sea without giving up the advantages of living in town.